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  Through the years, we have been able to build relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the business.  Although the list below is not a full sampling of what we have to offer, I think you will find that the companies listed below have the same devotion to quality and customer service that we strive for.  We here at Ranger Audio Video are honored to carry the following brands:

Acoustic Innovations is a world leader in theater design and construction.  The theater pictured above was built
with Michael in Palo Alto, Ca.  They also produce some of the finest chairs in the industry.  A Ranger A/V favorite!
   AudioQuest is one of the most respected wire manufacturers in the industry.  They produce a wide variety of cables and accessories to suit anyone's needs and budget.  The perfect partner for all of our systems
   Cuddlebag makes a great line of VERY comfy quality "bean" bags.  However, these are filled with a foam that contours to your body and offers unrivaled support.  This just may replace your sofa!

  idod designs is the premier manufacturer of outdoor fixtures for outdoor designs.  Whether you are looking to do a simple two speaker set up, or a full home theater system, idod makes a solution to make it invisible in your backyard.
   Marantz has been producing high quality audio gear for over 50 years!  They make a great line of budget priced AV gear all the way to high end monoblock amplifiers and industry leading bluray players!  All their products come with a full 3 years part and labor warranty on everything they make.  A great benchmark of quality.
  Mitsubishi not only created the first rear projection TV, they were also the leader in HDTV by producing the first HDTV in the US.  Now they produce industry leading flat panel TV's and are on the cutting edge of rear production TV's and front end projectors.

  Power is a dirty thing.  It can play havoc with high end gear and system performance.  Battery back up, brown outs, and surges can cause irreparable harm to your system.  Panamax can give you the best performance from your system while offering it the protection it needs.

  Turntables.  That's right...Turntables!  Still the best way to listen to music  is on some spinning vinyl.  Pro-Ject is a Czech manufacturer known for its' precision and commitment to quality.  From record players, USB devices, and accessories, Pro-Ject will be the greatest addition to a perfect audio system.

  You know, I was not a big fan of subwoofers.  To get the sound right for movies, it was too boomy for music.  When you set it up for music, you lose the impact for films.  And then I met REL.
  REL is so divergent from your standard subwoofer, it would be better to call them bass management systems.  You want beautifully subtle bass for your music and/or gut shaking bass for movies, REL is the one stop solution. 
   Beautifully crafted italian speaker designs are what Sonus Faber does best.  Inspired by the actual instuments they are trying to reproduce, Franco Serblin has built a line of speakers whose sound rivals their tremendous beauty.

  Vienna Acoustics are built in the heart of the birth of classical music.  Named for the classical composers they are inpired by, it will be hard to find a more versital and well designed speaker.  Known for their warm and inviting sound, these speakers can be listened to for hours without fatigue.
  Made of hand picked woods and furniture grade cabinetry, they look as good as they sound. 

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