Ranger Audio Video  and
Ranger AVi

"your guide to home entertainment"
Contractor's License #999202


We can create a fully customized solution that allows you to choose graphics and even the size of the buttons!

Using Specialized software and advanced programming techniques, we can create a reliable remote custom to your needs. 

 You can also expand your control to the bedroom, kitchen, outside, or anywhere you want to add audio or video throughout your home.

With Ranger A/V it is easy to add home automation as well.  We can integrate your audio/video control with lighting, blinds, and HVAC to not only make things easy to use, but more energy efficient!

            Look Familiar?

  Let me guess...there is one person in the house that knows how to use the system.

  You and your family live in fear of pushing the wrong button and having to call the "expert" to see how they can get both the picture and sound working together.

  Even worse, you are at work and you get the third call of the day from that technically challenge person saying, "I just want to watch TV!!!!  Why did we spend all this money!!!!"

  You know, it doesn't matter how good a system looks and sounds if you don't know how to use it! 

   I live in a household that has family from the ages of 5 to 67 and all of them can set up our systems with the push of one button.

  Whether you purchased a system from us or someplace else, let us help you with the most important part of the set up:  making it fun and easy to use.

  Don't forgot to talk to us about how we can use control and automation to make your home more green!

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